Looking for a great place for gatherings of family and friends, or simply a night out alone at a bar away from hustle of the crowds? All the way from Dallas, Texas as a hamburger joint, Chili’s has made its name prominent among Malaysians for the past years, be it brunch, lunch, dinner or even tea-time. Chili’s American-style steakhouse has been welcoming guests with their incredible entrees and thirst-quenching drinks making the place an epitome of a decent happy-hour house.

Started with burgers which made this line of franchise famous, first-timer or anyone who is in the mood for a classic Chili’s original may get a go at their BBQ Ranch Burger as the house’s famous before journeying ahead to another Chili’s dimension. Poultry-based dishes are no less frisky in the mouth. Being the number one signature dish of Chili’s, the Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers doubtlessly fit for a savoury taste and mouthful of crispiness with corn on the cob at the side. One of the many reasons, and probably the ultimate, American joints are fancied over others is for the enemy of all calorie-counters namely the steaks and ribs. What is Chili’s steakhouse without its mesquite-smoked BBQ Beef Ribs or the 300 grams strip steak plating the NY Strip with loaded mashed potatoes as sides? The name itself says it all! However,’ do not judge a book by its cover’ as the saying goes. In reality, patrons swarming the place are likely to get their hands on Chili’s prize-winner Chocolate Molten Lava Cake that has been a crowd-pleaser for a long time. 

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