Chilli Rush Petaling Jaya

One must have thought “what devilish act putting the word ‘chilli’ and ‘rush’ together in a sentence this is?” when the name Chilli Rush pops out especially during a toilet break-out. Whatever the answer is, the flame this place has created does not stop people or daredevils for that matter, to crave more and more of it. Any tongue of steel would have a moment of his life when dining in this grave –digger. Stepping inside the place, the ambience gives a relaxing feeling with dim lights projecting every angle inside and welcoming gestures from the staff which totally overwhelming the customers from obvious adrenaline rush.

Chicken wings are the specialty here in intensifying spiciness with levels that range from 1 to 10. Each level differs on its taste for instance Level 3 wings are at a normal rate to most foodies, probably what is bequeath on chicken rendang. However the Level 10 chicken wings are what kicks off daring patrons who got a good slap of 1 million heat units! That is right folks; India’s northeastern Naga Jolokia chilli is here to destroy your taste buds, 10 times spicier than our local cili padi. For a much timid and mild experience, worry not for Chilli Rush is not all about spicy food. With fusion of non-spiciness such as Sausage Carbonara and Mushroom Pizza, or the Lamb Shank, they are beyond fabulous to chomp on while you watch other customers get into flames. Variety of dishes both spicy and none are available but the number one monster that has been in contemplation of many is the Chilli Rush Challenge where different fried hot Level 10 chicken wings are served in 10 different plates. Some bravehearts had taken the challenge and survived, getting them pegged on the place’s Wall of Fame for patrons to salute on. 

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