Like the name suggests, Chalet Suisse is a Swiss restaurant that began operating in May 1996 under the supervision of the recently deceased owner, Heinz Bauert. Ownership of the restaurant currently belongs to five Swiss expatriates and also good friends of Heinz, in maintaining the authenticity of the Swiss restaurant. Walking into Chalet Suisse would make someone feel as if they had been transported to Switzerland. The main furniture used is all recycled Pinewood with antiques and decorations flown all the way from Switzerland.

Chalet Suisse try their best to ensure every food that comes out of their kitchen are authentically Swiss. They have a choice of either cold or hot appetisers such as a plate of Escargots à la Maison, or to start with a salad or a soup. There are five types of mains: Beef, lamb, poultry, veal, and seafood. Customers may opt between the multitudes of mains like a Chateaubriand for two, Emmentaler Lamb Stew that’s flavoured with saffron, or the very much Malaysian, Prawn Sambal, in a Swiss restaurant! There are also a number of desserts to choose from should you wish to end your meal with some Swiss sweets. The menu also extends to include specialties by Chef Raymond that includes starters, main course and desserts. Not forgetting, there is also a lunch set menu for those looking to have a quick meal, though the specials differ depending on the day of the week.

At a price tag range of RM20 to more than RM100 (depending on the type of meal), one is guaranteed to walk out feeling full and satisfied after a memorably Swiss dining experience.

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