Hold it right there, it must be full of lamb right? - Constantly a first thought that trains through one mind when reading about Cafe Cerita Kambing. The truth is, it's not exactly wrong, they do specialize heavily on the essence of Lamb Nasi Briyani, which has a whole lot to say here, as Cafe Cerita Kambing is constantly sought after, sometimes weekly, sometimes twice in a week, for catering services and events. Now that must be one heck of a Nasi Briyani.

Well, it's not just the fragrant Basmati rice and lamb that forms Cafe Cerita Kambing's magnetic field for fans; they also excel in preparing other local dishes like Ayam Masak Merah, Laksa Johor, and Kambing Masala. One of the secrets to preparing such appetizing dishes is the source of ingredients, which are shipped all the way from our Southern state of Endau, Johor. This makes the Laksa Johor a noteworthy dish as well, previously finding itself under the spotlight on every other days to now- a highly demanded dish that makes an appearance virtually every single day. 

Another reason to why customers never fail to leave satisfied is the recipe that has been passed down through generations and has become the manifestation of Cafe Cerita Kambing's identity. The flavours and tastes of their dishes has not been on decline since then, with the owners striving to improve, if not maintain the standards to continuously leave wide smiles and happy tummies in their fans. After all, it's all about the kambing here.