“Fatal, absolutey fatal!” are probably the only words coming out of the customers filing the seats in Burgertory every time they get a bite on the Big Fat Paradise or the ever-delicious Big Boss Bacon Burger. Logically presume, the juiciness of homemade pork patties partnered with crab meat and cabbage stuffed inside with melted cheddar cheese topping the whole galore would definitely create chaos and all hell break loose.

Situated within the hustle and bustle of SS15 Subang, home to every food outlets there are and nightmares to some for its atrocious parking spots, Burgertory began its operation back in 2013 with a few menus that has already attracted many. Throughout its journey variety of burgers has been added, inviting many more to adjudge on what the hype is all about. From Masala Chicken Burger to Sabi Sabi Japanese Pancake, the house sure offers a wide range of authentic and oriental taste aside from the sizes of the burgers itself that one can opt for. Imagine taking a bite on the Mini B’s, the size of a cupcake, or the Big Fry Belly that is towering others. Free refills are also available as part of the upgraded set of which fries or salad, Apple Waldorf, to be exact, is also included. Not feeling the craving to munch on some patties and buns for dinner? Worry not dear fellow, the Herby or Sexy Hot Chick, and the homemade Crispy Pork Bacon will come to the rescue and do the job.

Settings of the place is probably at par for the course that one will usually encounter, wooden tables and chairs enough to cater for the lots that will line in to get a table. The burgers themselves will overwhelm the surrounding considering that they are just that good!

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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