In the midst of restaurants promoting Balinese culture and goodness, Bumbu Bali started a management of Balinese restaurants. Opening its doors back in 2004, Bumbu Bali now has other branches that serve Balinese cuisines like Ole-ole Bali and Waterlily Bistro. The restaurant was praised for its Balinese ‘feel’ with the help of its décor and ambience.

The menu begins with their extensive selection of drinks; from something refreshing like the house favourite Barley Lime, to the blending of fruits and ingredients like Pulut Hitam (it’s a drink!), to mocktails, it is sure to keep customers coming back to try them all. The food served at Bumbu Bali is generally divided into two, the Balinese cuisine, and the Western cuisine. One of the most famous dishes served here is their Nasi Campur that comes with a choice of chicken or beef rendang, grilled prawns, squid, and fish, along with crackers, fruits, and the Bali version of ‘sambal’. Another favourite is Siap Megoreng which is a dish of turmeric rice and Fried Chicken marinated with their special lemongrass marinate. On the West side, Bumbu Bali also has a multitude of Western cuisine for a Balinese restaurant, with choices from Sampi Mepanggang or Charbroiled Rib-eye cooked the Balinese way, Seafood Platter, and Sandwiches for those who might feel less adventurous.

The prices are considerably high, but the whole experience rivals that of fine dining so it is not completely irrational. Added to that, the portion of the food served is enough whereby the act of sharing a dish is an option.