Brussels Beer Café currently has multiple branches across Klang Valley but the first branch to open was back in 2008 at Jaya One, PJ. Brussels Beer Café brought forth the culture of eating, drinking, and socialising all the way from Belgium for locals and tourists alike to indulge and enjoy.

True to its name, the restaurant is famous for its variety of imported and draft beers. Most of the beers are from Belgium, however, popular beer-brewing countries like Germany, the UK, Mexico and South Africa also made it on the shelf. The draught or draft beers consist of a selection of Belgian Hoeegarden, Stella Artois, and Leffe, German Konig Ludwig Weissbier, along with Irish Cider and English Ale. The bottled beers have more variety of German beers like Erdinger and Warsteiner, Lager and Ale from Australia, and Cider from South Africa and England. The dishes at Brussels Beer Café are all about the pairing of the best food with the best beer. They serve a variety of dishes like Mussels, what is regard as Belgium’s national food, Brussels’ Style Pork Knuckle, Salmon à la Muniére, Brussels’ Pasta, and Beer food like Roast Pork that are best enjoyed with their wide selection of beers.

In the true fashion of Belgium beers and food that goes well with it, Brussels Beer Café offers the whole experience while enjoying a time with friends or love ones or as stress relief after a hard day's work. Brussels Beer Café may not be the only beer café in Malaysia, but it is easily accessible with its multiple branches.  All in all, it is a good place to have a good time and experience the famous Belgian culture.