SS15 in Subang Jaya has been heating up ever since the 90’s and now, it’s a foodie’s and coffee addict’s paradise. There are so many cafés around this young-and-hip infused area and if you’re thinking of finding a spot to chill with a nice cuppa joe, head on over to Brewyard. Brewyard opened in early May of 2014 and they are considered very new in the coffee world, or just SS15 that is but business has been picking up and more crowd-loving choices are on the way into its menu.

Moving on to the history of Brewyard itself, the name Brewyard came about because of the inspiration behind brewing the best and freshest coffee with a rustic feeling of the countryside. Say what? How does coffee and the countryside have to do with one another? Brewyard’s owner, David, explains that the city is full of hustle and bustle everywhere and they were inspired to come up with a relaxing theme for modern citizens of today.

Therefore after brainstorming, the countryside theme has been thought up. Don’t worry, folks! There were no farm animals harmed in the making of this café. Searching for Brewyard might be a bit of an optical illusion because their logo is pretty dark and vague. The logo is a tree and the name of the café on the bottom of it. The reason why they kept their logo this way is because they want patrons to feel that is a raw and natural coffee place and also a good, home cooked menu, of course. David wants the café to have a “cottage kind of feeling” and “not too modern”, Brewyard is definitely a place where it will be great to have business meetings or just a nice time to chill.

The music they play is not too loud and full of smooth-listening covers of today’s hit songs. They had no specific inspirations to what Brewyard was supposed to look like at first but the most important thing was a design that’s not too modern and at the same time, appeals to the public. They hired an interior designer and it was a design very similar to how the multi-million dollar franchise Starbucks looks like. Unsatisfied, they changed a lot of the design themes and layouts. As time went by, they started to have ideas and inspirations that came true; brick walls, polished bricks, cement flooring with white garden pebbles and their rusted logo were few of the major things that became what Brewyard is today.

They have certainly achieved that garden looks to it and the main colours here are green and brown. David has succeeded in creating the raw look to their café which is initially and exactly what they wanted. Their furniture is all made out of wood and the outside seating areas have green cushions on their chairs, which looks like as if customers are sitting on grass and sipping on coffee out in the nature. There’s a very special domain in the café too. Couples or friends who wish to have a private, secluded spot are welcomed to sit behind the cashier counter. There’s a small alley at the back which has three tables and seats to accommodate at the most six people. David & his fiancé Ai Lee, chose SS15 because of its strategic location which has full of families, students and working individuals nearby.

They shared with us that although competition is tough in this area full of cafés, David love good challenges as it makes them grow as business owners. Both their strengths and weaknesses derive from time to time, especially when it comes to the world of coffee and business and they like to allow themselves to improve. There are definitely plans to open another outlet in the future, preferably in another state. Brewyard is in the midst of giving their menu a make-over and at the same time, plans to include sweet and savoury waffles will be revealed very shortly! Currently, their beverages, the Salted Nutella Latte and the Mocreo, a rich chocolate and oreo smoothie, are new on the menu and personally, (writer’s opinion) I give them a thumbs up.

The Salted Nutella Latte was the bomb! The taste of the salted Nutella is savoury, unlike other cafés, and it blends really well with the sweetness of the mild Nutella and coffee taste to it. In their Mocreo smoothie, it is dubbed to have special ingredients used in it and all they could tell us was they use a lot of oreos. Oreo fanatics, take note! Do try to come early during the day time if you don’t like crowds as their night crowds swamp the entire café almost every day, even the weekdays. David and Ai Lee’s enthusiasm in re-crafting that suburban feeling into us city folks have definitely paid off as this engaged couple’s strive and hard work can be shown in their warm hospitality and friendliness. Visit Brewyard today if you want to experience that suburban feeling they’re displaying – fresh homemade cakes, their famous signature chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream, wonderful coffee and homemade fare of comfort food, it really feels like home!

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