Bosko Restaurant & Bar Petaling Jaya

Tucked in a quite nook of a residential area in the middle of Bandar Utama’s Centrepoint complex, Bosko Restaurant & Bar houses some of the best celebrated events around. This restaurant has witnessed celebratory occasions from gathering of friends to birthday celebration of a family member.

Who could blame them to be in full house with such considering the place itself lures enjoyable moments to be held there with astounding decorations yet cosy setting, somewhat a familiar place to be for a kick back after a long day at work. This places’ ventilation is top notch, spacious settings of tables overlooking the outside with air constantly breezes in; the corner itself sets off a warm ambience.

But of course, despite Bosko’s entirely awesome entourage, its hidden gems include their delicious food, selections of wine, and hearty desserts that just cannot be missed or you’ll be in for some great regret.

Varieties of dishes offered here such as steaks that will be perfect for dinner, poultry based cuisine, pastas, and meatballs. The latter seem to be a celebrity itself taking into account customers and regulars enjoyed it the most.

Nonetheless, the rest are no less delectable such their lamb shoulders or perhaps roasted pumpkin soup for a much toned down dinner experience. However, undoubtedly in addressing Bosko, the name itself is synonymous as the to-go place for some wine experience. And the best part is their bottles does not seem to burn customers wallet with a bottle of Chilean Merlot at RM65, it is a no wonder the place will be the bar among Damansaraians.