As the sun sets down, many are slowly coming in to have a seat at Boomtown Cafe and Restaurant as the seats offered are limited at certain times. But fret not, the place starts its operation as early as 12pm so no customers has to soak in bloodbath to get a place there. Over the years after the place has starts its operation, Boomtown cafe is slowly expanding its vicinity to provide more room for the convenience of the customers.

Ranging from Nasi Lemak Paru Goreng to Asam Laksa Penang, this place sets many options to choose from under its specialties. It is a no-wonder that Boomtown has been the ultimate destination whenever the need to splurge on some good Malaysian food comes by. With its glistening brown buns topped with eggs that are sloppishly being tucked with home-made burger patty, ‘Jakarta with Love’ is a sure to-have for burger goers. But be sure to come with an empty stomach as at RM16, the meal is sure made to fit for a king!

To some youngsters, Boomtown would be a great place to hang out with friends after a long day considering a shisha stall commodiously has been set up next to the restaurant. Though to some, Boomtown offers more than just dine-in and take-away services but the place also provides hosting for functions and parties. Catering menus will be similar to the restaurants but be tuned a little bit to suit in the event. In conclusion, Boomtown cafe is an all-rounder.  


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