Located in The Strand, this very busy square holds plenty of other shops and people. Bobogo’s corner shop lot is very easily seen from afar, with its strategic location across Sunway Giza mall. In Malaysia, steamboats are among some popular ways to dine and bond among friends and families. At Bobogo Steamboat, seafood are their specialty, one can enjoy their freshest and highest quality of products, unless you are allergic to seafood. Customers have a choice to choose between sitting inside with man-made air conditioners or outside with nature’s own breeze. 

Wherever you choose to sit, rest assured that you could see what you are doing as it is brightly lid everywhere. Very friendly and hardworking staff runs the equally willing place, who would hurry upon your table the moment a call is heard and would happily help you out should you have trouble ordering. In the time between placing your order and the arrival of your food, you can enjoy the savouring scent of rich boiling soup mix with spices and the items that have been boiled in, all by a chef with 15 years of experience in the industry. 

Specializing in multi-tier steamboat, getting a feel for what it is like to eat here indeed is a fulfilling experience. The first tier is used for steaming the food such as “pau”, dim sum and even seafood. The second tier is used for placing food for warm-keeping after cooking. The third tier, is used for grilling and frying and the final tier is used for boiling your food in a choice of two soups, normal and spicy.