With the development of technology and knowledge in today’s world, many of us are becoming more aware of what we put in our body. People are becoming more heath conscious and try their best to find organic products and food available in the area. On 18 March 1997, three brothers, Dr KB Lee, KF Lee and Terry Lee, set up their first shop BMS Organics in USJ 9 Subang Jaya, distributing organic goods. 10 years later, the Lee brothers decided to venture into something new - Organic vegetarian cafe named Be LOHAS, where patrons could enjoy healthy yet delectable vegetarian delicacies.


Ranging from local cuisine Nasi Lemak, Fish vermicelli Soup, Wild Rice Pan Mee Soup to Hakka Lei Cha, Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup with Rice, Spaghetti, Sweet & Sour Soy Cube with Rice, and Cheese Baked Pasta, this vegetarian restaurant offers various food selections to fit your appetite. In order to achieve the ultimate healthy and delicious dining experience, each dish served is fine-tuned with quality, fresh, and organic ingredients. Be LOHAS pride for not using any MSG or preservatives in their cooking but still able to maintain great taste in every serving.


'Air-fried' bean curd is one of the crowds’ favourite at Be LOHAS. Apparently they are making their own bean curd and it is air-fried to give it a nice crispy texture without any unhealthy oil. The food portion provided here is rather big and worth the price you are paying. Fresh juices are also up on their menu and they are called beauty juice. So let’s say you are on a diet or going for a healthy lifestyle, head over to BMS Organics to munch something undeniably healthy yet surprisingly good.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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