Seafood lovers and steamboat aficionados rejoice, there is now a new place for us to sink our teeth into when it comes to having succulent seafood as well as tantalising steamboat cuisines. Behold, the Blue House Steamboat restaurant located in Taman Sea of Petaling Jaya.

Previously known as renowned Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant, Blue House Steamboat sports a new face-lift in terms of aesthetics while retaining all the sublime culinary prowess in dishing out fantastic seafood fair. Centred primarily around cooking of Chinese origins, patrons are bound to experience food fare like never before under the roof of this open-aired seafood-cum-steamboat eatery.

In terms of seafood, prospecting patrons will find themselves facing various categories of sea or river dwellers ranging from fishes to crustaceans as well as molluscs. If you're ever there to pick up the Blue House's rendition of the seafood hotpot (aptly named Big Bowl Fish), give yourself a pat on the back because that is exactly the dish to go for. Armed with various delectable ingredients such as prawns, squids, clams, fish balls, beancurd, radishes, leek as well as preserved vegetable, the broth encompasses a beautiful relish of sweetness along with a tinge of tangy sourness. This helps add flavour to the flesh of the main star of the show, the Grass Carp -a freshwater fish of East Asia origins. As testament to freshness, the flesh is nothing short of bouncy and firm as patrons take in their first bite.

If the significantly huge portion of the Big Bowl Fish does not intimidate or deter you from ordering other dishes, one's perusal of the menu will reveal other delicacies worthy to be place upon your dining table. At any rate, patrons visiting this particular gastronomical venture will indubitably leave with a certain sense of satisfaction.

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