Located right smack in the middle of USJ, Bliss 33 Cafe has garnered the loyalty and affection of many food aficionados around town, beating other generic cafes or restaurants in the trials of time. Being established for a good seven years (Lucky seven, anyone?) to date, Bliss 33 Cafe sets itself apart from the rest in terms of their pricing -a very important factor amongst the denizens of Klang Valley; as well as taste.

All in all, Bliss 33 Cafe serves quite a selection of food fare, from Western chops, steaks and pastas to Asian staple of rice and noodle dishes. If you ever caught yourself prowling the immediate area of USJ2 looking for chow, regardless of the time of the day, do make a beeline over to Bliss 33. Breakfast fare is quite the hearty affair with a vast selection of food to choose from -even the big breakfast set comprises of a dozen different components patrons can mix and match with. Nasi lemak, fried beehoon and toast are always popular favourites during breakfasts, so be sure to give them a shot.

As for lunch and dinner sessions, aside from the standard fare of succulent Western chops (poultry or lamb) or steaks, patrons should really opt for their Asian cuisines and one dish in particular outshines the others by a long shot. Derived from the Indian culinary scene, Bliss 33's mutton curry is exceptional in terms of both flavour and texture. Sweet, spicy and savoury, this combination of flavours do more than merely awaken your palate. If taste-buds can dance, that's exactly what they would do when subjected to the burst of flavours derived from the mutton curry. Texture wise, the meats are so well-cooked they simply fall off from the bones. Truly befitting of being one  of Bliss 33's signature dish.

After a savoury meal, do make it a point to wash down your food with a nice, chilled glass of their white coffee or an up-sized glass of refreshing fruit juice.

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