Located in central Bandar Botanic, lies a pleasant café called Blackstone Bakery Cafe. This café sports a homely, cozy, and comfortable environment that’s great for chilling out with a cup of coffee. In the café, there are three distinct settings for customers to settle down, which are the Japanese-styled pillow and low table setting for a relaxed conversation over coffees with your friends, the regular the kitchen table and chairs setting that most of us are accustomed to if you’re planning to have a full course meal, and the high table and chair pairing usually found in bars.

Speaking of a full course meal, there’s a decent variety to choose from, like brunch items such as the grilled chicken wrap, baked egg, cheese omelette, big breakfast, and sandwiches that can be filled with either bacon, grilled chicken, turkey ham, and eggs. On top of this, there are other main course dishes to be had Blackstone Bakery Cafe, like roasted chicken, German sausage platter, tempura fish & chips, chicken chop rice, and curry chicken rice. As far as baked goods and desserts go, there are a number of cakes and other dessert items to choose from, whether they be cheesecakes, red velvet cake, chocolate cake, or tiramisu.

Being a cafe, there would naturally be a decent range of coffees, teas, and hot drinks to choose from. At Blackstone Bakery Cafe, coffee fanatics can enjoy their favourites, be it an espresso, Americano, cafe latte, toffee latte, caramel latte, hazelnut latte, cappuccino, and mocha. For the uninitiated where coffee is concerned, teas like Earl Grey, jasmine, lemon, peach & passion, and lychee & rose can be enjoyed, as well as other hot drinks like hot chocolate, honey milk, honey lemon, and much more.

So head on down to Blackstone Bakery Cafe for a relaxing cafe experience.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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