On a hot day as it is like almost every day of the year here in Malaysia, one would crave for desserts. Bone chilling and mouth - watering desserts to be exact, is what many crave to cool off or simply just for the fun of it. So, if the usual ice kacang or cendol or probably even the typical McDonald’s Sundae Cone just does not do it for you anymore, then why not give a go to bingsu?

Basicially (for those of you who are confused), bingsu originated from Korea and it happens to be a shaved ice dessert topped with sweet stuffs which includes adzuki beans (also known as red beans to Malaysians), syrup made from fruits, the local favourite, condensed milk and chopped up fruits. Situated in Petaling Jaya, or more specifically, Damansara Uptown in Damansara Utama, Bingsu Café is your typical dessert café that specialises in, if you have not already guessed it, the Korean version of ice kacang.

The thing that makes this dessert café so special is the fact that they not only serve bingsu but a load of other past time snacks, if you will, which includes the all -important espresso - based beverages. The interior design of the place sports a cosy yet somewhat minimalist design with similar tables and chairs to compliment the ambience. The same could be said for the outside with their elegant logo proudly displayed for all those to see and take pictures with it. Also, do give their “Sorbet” a go, something different compared to the bingsu. You can enjoy it with hot chocolate brownies or roasted granola.