Bestari @ Damansara Intan Petaling Jaya

Bestari is a mamak restaurant located at Damansara Intan beside the KEN 2 condominium. Favoured by locals and travellers alike, it is always filled to the brim with hungry people clamouring for a piece of roti for breakfast or people working nearby looking to have their lunch. It’s a good thing that the restaurant is pretty spacious, with large tables. It’s interior is typical of mamak shops in Malaysia, reeking of curry and dhal with busy staffs darting around taking orders.

They are famed for executing the simple drink of Teh Tarik perfectly. Milky and not overly sweet, it is fluffy with the right amount of air bubbles. Definitely a good way for a little dose of caffeine to kick start your morning. They are also renowned for their Indome Burger, which consists of the staple Indonesian instant noodle skilfully stir fried with an ample amount of beef patty into a burger-like consistency. It is then carefully top with a sunny-side up oozing with melty egg york.

Do not forget the Maggi Goreng, which comes with an ample amount of vegetables and other ingredients, carefully stir fried so that the flavours runs throughout the dish. You can choose to add fried chicken or beef patty to it to intensify the savoury favour, or ask for a sunny-side up. Their Nasi Goreng Pattaya is delectable too, carefully wrapped with a thin slice of omelette. It is then topped with optional chilli sauce and garnished by a few slices of cucumber.