As the name depicts, this stall is the best cendol stall in the SS15 area. Previously known to be serving from a truck within the area, they now own a stall which makes it more convenient. Casually located next to a Rojak stall, customers can easily get a two-in-one combo to satisfy both their teatime treat and a satisfying thirst-quencher.

Choose between the normal cendol which includes a load of shaved ice together with red beans and pandan jelly plus a little bit of sweet corn; and the cendol pulut, which the only difference is an additional glutonous rice. There is grass jelly available as a sub-topping if you want it as well. The cendol is generously drizzled with thick palm sugar or more known as ‘Gula Melaka’ and topped with fresh coconut milk which makes it more refreshing than it looks. Other drinks include coconut water, lime and syrup juice if you decide to order something else. But, who comes all the way to the ‘Best Cendol’ shop and not order Cendol? No one.

You can decide to have it right there itself or bring it back home (dapao) for a more comfortable consumption. Dapao-ing can still preserve the goodness of a bowl but of course, you risk going back to only a melted drink and not get to enjoy sipping on shaved ice, which is mostly the main reason on how it is made. Therefore, we hope that you would take the classic way to stand and enjoy your exhilarating bowl of goodness.

You may expect some huge crowd and queuing up for this may be the most worth it effort you have done for an unavoidable bowl of Cendol. 

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Every day

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