Remember the last time you ate something healthy? Yeah, neither do we. Pretty sure there was some greens involved at some point though, and it was probably unappetizing. If you want to retry the healthy eating experience, dip on into Be LOHAS by BMS Organics for some of the best tasting, delectable nutritious dishes. Known for supplying the best organic products since 1997, BMS Organics finally venture into the culinary scene in 2007 aiming to serve their customers with only organic and healthy fresh-made cuisine.


Bring the wife and pick up the knife. This award-winning vegetarian eatery provides the perfect mix of local classics and mouth-watering Western dishes that would make even the pickiest eater (your grandma) proud. With remarkable main dishes and perfect healthy juice pairings, it becomes deliciously obvious why Be LOHAS by BMS Organics is consistently at the top of every health conscious must-go list. A good quality restaurant relies on the passion and determination of the chef. Here, the chef prepares each cuisine using fresh and natural ingredients, chemical flavouring-free or additives-free, topped with excellent culinary skills.


Flipping through the menu, you can spot so many diverse and inventive delicacies for selection such as fried brown rice, pumpkin fried brown rice, Mongolian chicken, curry mixed vegetables, salad tasty tofu, honey mushroom and other vegetarian dishes. You might not believe this but all the cooking is made with less oil and less salt but the foods are still amazingly delicious. So, if you are feeling like having a burger but worry about your waist size? Be LOHAS by BMS Organics has the perfect vegetarian burger for you.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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