Bamboo Biryani "Taste and See" Petaling Jaya Petaling Jaya

Ever tasted biryani cooked using natural bamboo tubes? Bamboo Biryani is basically semi cooked rice and meat mixed in spices stuffed inside a bamboo tube that is placed inside a huge steaming pot to be steamed till perfection.

We naturally know that bamboo is an extremely hard material with a hollow inside that has segmented air pockets. The bamboo pipe is enclosed with freshly cut and washed banana leaves to have the mixture bamboo and banana leaf aroma absorbing into the biryani, nevertheless to avoid the external moisture from entering the bamboo tubes. Results of this process are the rich steamy flavored of bamboo extracted by the circulating steam while aroma of food itself remains largely contained inside the biryani.


Each serving of biryani comes with a separate bamboo tubes that serves for a single portion. Each biryani, be it chicken, mutton, fish or plain are served with a special raita (homemade yoghurt with freshly chopped onions) and okra as well.



They too have the chef’s recommended Bamboo Nasi Lemak, which is freshly prepared and steamed through the similar process of Bamboo Briyani. Served with their homemade sambal which is made from only selected quality of anchovies and ingredients.


This will be a surprise for many of you. Not all biryani shop sells this. But if you've been around long enough, you must have heard of the word "Shell Out". In case you haven't, Shell Out is one of the most recognizable names in recent Malaysia’s dining scene. It consist of many variety of seafood and vegetables and cooked to perfection just as you like it! It is a must try when you're in town! Something similar to it but with a twist, the chef has came up with a seafood platter that is simply amazing. Filled with a generous amount of prawns and crab and loads of gravy, this is a must try and will definitely give you a new love for seafood. 


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