Located amidst the rows of shop set along Jalan SS14 of Subang Jaya, Bake N Serve cafe provides the masses with a viable alternative to dine in with whether it be breakfast, lunch or teatime as they offer various culinary treats that materialise in the form of main course and pastries. 

If the name itself isn't suggestive enough, Bake N Serve doubles as a bakery that churns out delectable pastries fresh out of the oven, ready to be served to potential patrons dropping by for a bite. Sporting a cosy, rustic environment, this air-conditioned cafe is rather rowdy during its peak hours with chatter abound from enthusiastic, eager customers.

In terms of its food fare, Bake N Serve boasts quite an extensive selection of food items in its culinary arsenal. From breakfast fare of bread such as French toast and croissant to poultry products such as eggs and omelette -not to mention that Bake N Serve also provides their own rendition of the all-time-favourite nasi lemak; visiting patrons will be accommodated with a tonne of good eats to start off their day.

Come lunch time and you will probably find yourself perusing their lunch menu comprising of entrees such as succulent chicken chops and pastas or savoury pies and puffs. Of course, Western culinary fares are not the only ones taking all the glory here. Bake N Serve also accommodate to Asian regional specialities such as laksa, Tom Yam (served with either rice or noodles) and fried rice aside from the aforementioned nasi lemak. 

But all that aside, be sure to leave some space in your tummy to put up with the decadent cakes and desserts sitting upon the display self, luring you into sinfully sweet demise. Fret not though, for you will hardly feel guilty for it. At any rate, be it sweet or savoury, with or without icing, there is bound to be something for everyone in Bake N Serve.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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