ASA Seaview Restaurant is known as one of the tourist attractions as it is located at Port Klang. It will only take 45 minutes for you to visit Ketam Island from Port Klang by ferry. Not only that, a commuter station is located right in front of the restaurant. Therefore, you just have to hop into the commuter and you will arrive at Port Klang station to taste the mouthwatering dishes at ASA Seaview Restaurant.

ASA Seaview Restaurant has been operating for about 2 ½ years. They are open everyday from 11am to 3pm and 6pm to 11pm. This is because ASA Seaview Restaurant focuses mainly on lunch and dinner. The price range is reasonable, therefore it is suitable to have a gathering with your loved ones. For instance, RM 70 per fresh fish cooked in any method, fresh crabs are RM80, extra-large fresh crab is RM100 and chicken is RM30.

The excellent view opposite the restaurant inspired the owner of ASA Seaview Restaurant to start this business. Furthermore, he has his sources to get fresh seafood from the fishermen, traders and genuine suppliers. He serves only the best dishes to his customers. Customers are encourage to make early bookings on what they would prefer to have. Customers can feel free to custom make their own menu. ASA Seaview Restaurant encourages customers to come up with their own dish cooking method. Customers just have to tell what they like and they will prepare for them.

Are you looking for a restaurant that serves typical traditional Cantonese food? ASA Seaview Restaurant is one of the restaurants which serves typical traditional Cantonese food and guarantees you will not find the same taste anywhere. In view of the fact that, the chef was trained in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. The way he does the preparation, the sauce that he uses and the way he cooks any dish, it will definitely be unique and worth to try. 

ASA Seaview Restaurant have promotions during occasion months. For example, they had meal set promotions during Mother’s Day month for 10pax at RM188. They are also having promotions during the month of Father’s Day. Hence, this is the recommended place for you to celebrate special days at a reasonable price range.

ASA Seaview Restaurant has a few special dishes which is imported from all over the place such as shark head imported from Aceh which is sold for RM100. Squid is imported from Johor Endau. Lala is imported from Pulau Ketam.