The perfect antidote after a long journey or the ideal reason to not snooze your alarm, a cup of joe steals the show, and people of Petaling Jaya are grinning all the way as Artisan Roast Coffee is their daily coffee fix. Set amidst a semi-industrial area, this cavernous cafe is habitually full of life and you’ll be drugged by caffeine the moment you step in as the aromas of hodgepodge roasted beans from all over the world hovers throughout the air.

The interior is charming: tall ceilings which allow the natural sunlight to penetrate through the glass, engaging elements of wood, bricks and metals and a bustling brewing area where young baristas are all with smiles, it just kicks in with positive auras. Patrons are all in smiles too, sipping an aromatic and artistic range of coffees, with no trace of meeting madness, deadline worries and any sort of weekday dreariness.

Among the top orders are Mocha, where cocoa powder is used instead of chocolate syrup, Cappuccino, Americano and Flat White.  With the credo of using the latest harvest beans from around the world, each cup ensures quality and you’ll never see a dip in it till the end of time, justifying the never-ending crowd.

What are coffees without cakes? There is a mouthwatering stretch of cakes lined up to partner your cup of joe, where Carrot and Red Velvet Cake tops the billing. Artisan Roast Coffee definitely lives up to its sky-high reputation, the premium beans, laid-back ambience and welcoming staffs just lingers in your mind. Moreover, they do sell chic coffee making tools and range of roasted beans too, if you’re planning to set up a coffee bar at home, look no further than Artisan Roast Coffee once again. 

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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