Appu Uncle Curry House Petaling Jaya

Appu Uncle Curry House is a well-known Indian restaurant in Section 19, PJ. The restaurant is the brainchild of two brothers, Arvin and Ravin Rengaraju. Their grandfather used to operate a banana leaf restaurant for more than 20 years at their hometown in Temerloh, Pahang. In this day and age, the restaurant is now run by their Uncle Appu, who was a big inspiration in opening one restaurant in the Klang Valley, even going as far as handing down some of his recipes to the brothers (hence the name of the restaurant). The interior is simple and clean with posterised images of Tamil actors and phrases on the wall, which you don't usually see in typical banana leaf restaurants. 

The restaurant is widely known for their banana leaf rice, and as most of us know, the thing that makes a good serving of banana leaf rice are the meat and vegetable sides, and of course the curries. While there’s a slew of them available at Appu Uncle Curry House, the obvious standout is most definitely their fish curry. One thing that makes the fish curry stand out here is the fact that it is made to order, which is a welcome change from the fish curry regularly served in most other restaurants, which are pre-cooked in a large batch then portioned accordingly.


Beyond banana leaf rice, Appu Uncle Curry House also serves a decent range of other Indian and local delicacies such as thosai, puttumayam, apam, maggi goreng, roti canai, and a whole lot more. Beverage wise, expect typical nasi kandar-like offerings, where their teh tarik is widely admired to awaken the spine-tingling experience on your taste buds.

So if you’re looking to sample some of the best fish curry and banana leaf rice in Section 19, on top of a number of other dishes, do give Appu Uncle Curry House a try.