Anis Choc Moist Cake has been in the business for quite some time as the leading distributor of chocolate cakes. What started as a small business in the comfort of their own home has grown into a full fledge business with multiple factories, products that are available nationwide, and breaking into the nearest international market of Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.

Operating under the company, Anis Food, Anis Choc Moist Cake refers to their most famous product that is chocolate cake. However, over the years, Anis Food have been adding more options to their food products and most have been receiving much encouraged support from the public.

Anis Choc Moist Cake has been receiving much love from the public due to their high quality product. Nothing would irritate more than something with the word ‘chocolate’ in it that has a disappointing amount of chocolate. Chocolate is known worldwide to be calming, always to go to dessert, life is much better because chocolate exists. Knowing all this the couple duo that operates behind the brand Anis Food gave what the public needs; a whole lot of chocolate. A single serving of their famous chocolate cake comes in a plastic case, doused over with a generous amount of chocolate sauce and topped over with (more) chocolate sprinkles. The cake itself is decadently moist, befitting its brand name, and filled with chocolate as well. Without a doubt, any chocolate lover, any dessert lover would enjoy Anis Choc Moist Cake immensely.

Other popular items include the Red Velvet Cake and Pineapple Tart. Like their chocolate counterpart, one would not encounter short of ingredients that make the dessert when it comes to Anis Food products. 

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