Sawadeekap! Situated in Subang Avenue, Amaree Hot Pot is a restaurant that serves selections of Thai cuisines with many to choose from but the name hot pot is a sure give away that the place also serves one of the best Thai steamboats in town. And of course the steamboat would consist of a soup base which does not come to anyone surprise, really, that it is of tom yam flavoured. The tom yam hot pot seems to be the biggest hit in Amaree with varieties of seafood balls and fresh seafood to select on such as their seafood combo consisting of a handful amount of prawns, fresh squid, fish fillets, soaked cuttlefish, crab sticks, seaweed rolls, and generous amount of crab balls packing the platter. Their ala carte dishes are no less delicious. Many have had their fair shots in trying out Amaree’s Thai signature for instance their Pineapple Fried Rice, a plate of fried rice with hints of pineapple chunks that gives of a rather spicy yet sweet and sour aftertaste. Perhaps Malaysian’s tongue palette is no different than of Thai’s after all. Another reason to check out Amaree Hot Pot is its work of art of the ever classic pandan chicken - cuts of chickens wrapped in pandan leaves with bits of spices coating the meat and are deep fried to perfection.

Amaree Hot Pot centres on the idea to serve classic Thai cuisine in a fine dining environment yet the cosiness of customers’ surfaces over others without losing its authenticity of Thai’s identity.