Ah Mang Mee Petaling Jaya

Chinese dishes are undeniably fabulous however our Muslim friends don’t have the liberty to savour them because of the usage of pork. Jostle aside the worries; this renowned stall nestled in a hawker center in Petaling Jaya is churning out Hokkien Mee the Halal way.

Drilling down the history, this stall initially served Hokkien Mee with pork lards and now, under the stewardship of the third generation, the owner opted to ensure the flavours are indulged by all walks of life. After series of trial and error, chicken lard took over as the pivotal ingredient of the dish. This catches many by surprise till the noodles tapped onto their palates, it’s sinfully satisfying.  Bold changes bringing out the best flavours! Moreover, they have featured in 8TV.

Once the sun takes a dip towards the horizon, a traditional wok starts it’s twisting and turning under scorching flame, feeding hungry patrons who look to unwind after work. There are two versions, wet and dry yet most orders that flock are the gravy-like ones. Served piping hot, the noodles is elegantly coated with treacly sauce, never a strand goes missed, thanks to the skillful spins. The silky noodles are loaded with julienned cabbages, prawns, seafood bits and little pieces of crunchy chicken lards. Each mouthful also offers a smoky punch, thanks to the wok. Condiments of sambal belancan, minced garlic and chopped chilies elevate the whole gobbling experience. If you prefer a change of noodles, they also have vermicelli and koey teow to fulfil your variety quest. To cut short, it’s now a multicultural mashup that hunt for authentic Chinese noodles.  

Operating Hour

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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