Nestled amidst the suburban areas of Subang's SS19, Restoran Ah Lye Curry Fish Head is one rather renown Chinese eatery amongst the residents living in the vicinity. Unassuming as it is plain -in terms of outlook; this particular eatery packs quite the throng of people when it boils down to its peak hours. Why so? The main reason lies behind the dish in which the food joint used for its namesake: the curry fish head.

And here in Ah Lye, the curry fish head is THE bomb. Utilising an intricate array of spices and herbs in the making of the sumptuous curry, the gravy emerges rich, creamy and above all, fragrant -perhaps due to the usage of coconut milk as well? And drenched in the thick gravy is another main star of the show, the grouper fish used ever so extensively in Chinese fish curries all around. Patrons can opt for either fish head or fish meat depending on personal preference but the fish head -albeit slightly off-putting for the uninitiated; accentuates the taste of the overall dish further. On the other hand, the usage of fish meat is quite the crowd pleaser as well, as the grouper flesh turns out rather succulent and flaky. Cooked along with a healthy amount of vegetables such as aubergines, okras and bean-curd, this spicy, sourish dish is truly a gastronomical delight for the palate.

Being a Chinese stir-fry restaurant, it is redundant to assume that the place only serves curry fish head. In fact, Ah Lye offers quite a myriad of other decadent dishes for customers to pair up with their serving of curry fish head dish. Since there are no menu allocated for patrons' perusal, customers are inclined to ask for what's best and usually, the reply will come in either 'salted chicken' or 'assam prawns'. Go for both as you will be guaranteed a hell of a culinary good time. For the former, the poultry is nothing short of savoury. Being pressure cooked for thus long, the white meat infused with salt is all about falling-off-the-bones-tender, breaking apart with the lightest exertion. As for the latter, the crustacean lathered with mildly sweet-and-sour sauce is nothing short of exquisite as the juicy briny flesh of the plump seafood goes rather well with the sauce. 

And if those three dishes are not satisfying enough, patrons can also opt for the other typical Chinese stir-fry dishes guaranteed to bring you to food heaven as well. Be sure to come earlier as peak hours can begin as early as 6 o'clock in the evening.

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