Ah Khai Famous Char Siew Chicken Rice Petaling Jaya

Vegetarians aside, who doesn't enjoy a nice, hot plate of chicken rice? As Malaysians, the chicken rice is pretty much part and parcel of the denizen's culinary life, and everywhere you traverse, you will be hard pressed not to find a chicken rice vendor -or two- in the neighbourhood. And speaking about chicken rice in respective neighbourhoods, there is one particular chicken rice stall that has managed to stand out from the rest in Taman Paramount of Petaling Jaya.

Behold Ah Khai Famous Char Siew Chicken Rice, where chicken rice aficionados can get their fix of tantalisingly good plate of chicken rice to satiate their carnivorous appetite. In general, Ah Khai only serves the roasted chicken variety but rest assured that the chicken is nothing short of top notch. Roasted to perfection to the point it is delectably golden brown in the outside, with its fatty oils coating the whole chicken, giving it a glistening outlook, the tender insides are white and full of bite. Coupled with their savoury light sauce served along with slices of cucumbers and a serving of fragrant steamed rice, you will be hard pressed to find another plate of chicken rice just as nice in the immediate area.

Of course, if you'd noticed, Ah Khai's namesake sports yet another decadent dish, the Char Siew dish. Here in Ah Khai, their Char Siew is almost -if not on par- with their roasted chicken. Roasted for at least 6 hours under meticulous supervision by the owner himself, the pork is rendered as perfect as Char Siews can go. All caramelised with a slight smokey scent to the meat, Ah Khai's Char Siew brings about a flavourful burst of texture, between lean meat and fatty pork lard. And what's more, the Char Siew are served in rather huge chunks, large enough so that patrons get to feel the flavours and textures, but small enough to be conveniently bite-sized.