This comfy restaurant isn’t a spot which has huge signboards or imposing façade that attracts your attention. Be it word of mouths or online reviews, they have been drawing piles of positive reviews that make them a must-go. However, it’s not a walk in the park, this restaurant is a hidden gem, and you’ve got to trail into Kota Damansara and certainly need GPS by your side if it’s your first time.

Matching its uninhabited industrial area, the interior is dimly light, with pleasant seating and has little cute sculptures of pig on the table, which highlights the main features on the menu; it’s downright a meat mania where pork hits the scorecards, from spare ribs to pork knuckles, it’s absolutely wondrous. Among the pride of the kitchen are spare ribs, which has the ideal balance of fat and meat, dabble with their salacious sauce and it just melts with each delicate touch to the tongue. If chicken is your choice, Chicken Pogs has all elements to linger around; de-skinned thigh stuffed with sausage and coated with bacon, the layers of flavours just sends your palate on cloud nine. Other highly-rated dishes include their Seafood Gumbos, Babi Guling which teleports you to Indonesia at each bite, Roasted Pork and Prosciutto Pizza which is liberally topped with prosciutto and cheeses. For a sweet ending, gobble down their Chocolate Brownie, Carrot Cake with Cream Frosting and Rum Ice Cream.

Either you hobnob with revelers or just put up your feet to pamper your tummy, it ticks all boxes for a memorable dining experience. Look beyond regular dining, planning a marriage proposal? The stage is yours with their luscious range of wines.


Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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