A’ Perfetto is nestled in SS2 Chow Yang, an area that is dominated by Chinese steamboat and eateries. The presence of such a restaurant is indeed a breath of fresh air to the locals there. However, A’ Perfetto is not your standard Japanese restaurant. Aiming to bring you the best of both worlds, the chef who used to work in Damansara Heights Ploy attempted a less conservative approach by crafting a menu consisting of Japanese and Italian fusion food.

The interior is classy and comfortable with no traces of its Italian nor Japanese origins. The modern design is dominated by brick walls, velvet sofas and yellow cushions. The sleek silverware is arranged neatly on the table. Living up to its fusion reputation, a pair of Japanese chopsticks is positioned amidst the fork, spoon and knife.

Their Ying Yang Duck is a must try. Despite its Chinese sounding name, it is definitely not your typical Eastern fare. With the toppings served on thin sheets of tortilla spread with avocado puree, you can consider it a sort of thin crust pizza or open faced sandwich. The toppings consist of smoked duck breast with quail eggs topped with delicate globes of fish roe. The taste is every bit as good as its presentation. The duck meat is tender and slightly salty while the fish roe is fresh without any fishy smell. Every bite will definitely leave you yearning for more.

As for beverages, apart from a variety of liquor, they also have a selection of inventive beverages available. Do sample their Dragon Egg Mocktail which is composed of dragon fruit, milk and eggs.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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