Situated next to Hotel Orchid, along the same row as Tong Kee Confectionery and opposite Restoran Goodwill and IOI Mall in Bandar Puchong Jaya is 8 Road Restaurant. This restaurant specialises in affordable Chinese dishes throughout the day. This restaurant is a definite hit with the people, to the point that you may have to queue up at least half an hour (in the best case scenario) for a table, especially during dinner time. Fortunately, there are plenty of seats available for this waiting period. On top of that, the menu is also available in the waiting area to properly plan the ensuing meal.

Speaking of the menu, 8 Road Restaurant has broken it down based on several categories, namely pork, soup, seafood, chicken, egg, vegetable, rice and noodles; thus showing a variety of dishes that can be enjoyed by diners. From this extensive menu, there are obvious standout dishes to be had, such as the claypot salted fish with pork belly, spinach in superior soup, speciality bean curd, Marmite pork ribs, braised luffa with bean curd,  steamed red snapper and catfish, claypot curry squid and bean curd soup, shark fin soup with crab meat, and yam ring. This list would not be complete without some of the signature dishes at 8 Road restaurant such as their specialty bean curd, and steamed kampung chicken.

All in all, 8 Road Restaurant prepares some great Chinese food at affordable prices, so it’s not a place to miss out on, even considering the long queue you will have to be in.

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Every day

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