Located about 2.5km from Kuching International Airport, the restaurant can simply be where you have your first meal after touchdown in Kuching.

Cosy and simple, the restaurant offers varieties of local favourites.

Claimed to be serving food of authentic Malay recipe, the restaurant offers halal variations of the famous noodles associated with Sarawakian Chinese. The springy egg noodles, Kolo Mee (also known as Mi Kolok) is served in a few selections in which you can choose from according to your taste and crave. Apart from the ordinary Mee Kolo, the restaurant also offers Mee Kolo Kosong, and Mee Kolo Special (with seafood). Adding a twist to the more familiar version, Serapi Corner also serves Mee Kolo Goreng and Mee Kolo Goreng Seafood.

Kolo Mee Kosong

Another type of Sarawak noodles offered here is the Crispy Mee. The deep fried dry Mee Kolok is usually immersed in reddish gravy of tomato flavour. The Crispy Tomato Mee is topped with prawns, cuttlefish, and slices of chicken. At Serapi Corner, you can also get Crispy Mee Cantonese, which is the deep fried dry Mee Kolok served with egg-based slimy sauce (Cantonese style) instead of the tomato gravy.

A dish of sliced raw fish and mixture of onions, chillies, salt and lime juice called Umai is also served here. The traditional native dish of Melanau people is best eaten on its own. The mix of sour, salty, and spicy taste is perfect for an appetizer before your main course during lunch or dinner.

Image taken from Instagram @noraruslan; Three-layer tea, Ayam Berempah, and Umai