Hidden from the main road, Oriental Park Cafe may be a little bit hard to locate. Due to its obscurity, it is best if you park somewhere around the main road and go through the alley where it is situated on foot.

Running the stall for over twenty years, the owner has had a reputable sales of the Sarawak delicacy. Kolo Mee or curly egg noodles drizzled with lard and shallot oil served here is one of the best you could find in Kuching. It has received good reviews from locals and tourists alike and has been featured in many of the international vloggers' travelogues.

The special thing about the cha siew pork is that it is barbecued in-house. The owner who makes the Kolo Mee slices the cha siew only when needed to keep it fresh when served.

There are also other options on how you can have your bowl of kolo mee, one of which is by switching the typicial curly noodles with white flat ones, called Mee Pok. The flavour may taste the same but the difference in the noodles texture surely create distincts savoury experience.

If you have trouble deciding which drink to go with the sweet and aromatic cuisine, nothing beats a cup of good ol' hot black coffee.

Even though the cafe may not be in the vicinity of the busy main roads in the centre of Kuching, the Kolo Mee, being at the top of its game, is sold out fast. Therefore, do come early to avoid disappointment.