With more than 34 years of experience, the owner and the main chef of Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant has been serving quality food to their customers. The restaurant that has more than 40 tables across 2 levels, and is one of the longest standing seafood restaurants in Kota Kinabalu. Their indoor dining area is separated from their Aquarium section, whereby there are plenty of tanks with different live seafood such as crabs, prawns, fishes, oysters, clams, and so on. They also have live coconut crabs but it depends on its seasonal availability, so if you're there at the right season, you're in for a treat.

The restaurant operates everyday without fail, providing the locals and tourists with fresh and delicious seafood dishes. One of their popular dishes is Wet Butter Prawn. Let's be honest, nobody can resist the creaminess and savouriness of delicious Butter Prawn. So unless you're allergic to prawn, you will definitely love their Wet Butter Prawn that is a combination of aromatic butter sauce and fresh succulent prawn meat.

Raise your hand if you love salted egg. Did you? If you did, we insist that you try their Salted Egg Squids, or even Salted Egg Crabs. Fresh, fragrant, flavorful and well, just fascinating to your taste buds, their salted egg sauce melts in your mouth, and their fried fresh squids is crispy and tender at the same time, bringing your level of satisfaction to a whole new level.

Now, if you're a fan of both crab and spicy food, Suang Tain serves delectable Kam Heong Crabs that are loved by both locals and tourists. Fried with curry leaves and their spicy sauce, the intoxicating smell of curry leaves mixed with the crab is mouth-watering and appetizing. Don't say we didn't warn you, it's hard to stop once you start eating.

Apart from this, you should also try their House Special Steamed Fish, in which live local fishes of your choice is steamed with their popular in house special sauce, which has soy sauce taste as its base. The tastiness of fresh fish will be imprinted in your memory, as some say it's one of the best fishes they have ever tasted. Another popular cooking style is Nyonya Steamed Fish, which is stewed with eggplants and lady fingers. Having it with just plain rice makes already a perfect combination.

The other great seafood dish on top of the list is Steamed Scallops with Minced Garlic and Rice Vermicelli. The steamed scallops have an aromatic garlic flavour, which you can slurp it altogether with the vermicelli. Last but not least, you might not want to miss out on Fried Mantis Shrimps with Salt and Pepper. Mantis are own to have the sweetest and freshest meat texture amongst all types of prawns and lobsters, you know what to do if you are a fan of prawns!
There's so much more good seafood in Suang Tain, but if we're to list it all out for you, you'll be stuck to your device for quite some time. So here's one last one; their Coconut Pudding. Just like their seafood, their Coconut Pudding will keep you coming back for more because it is made daily with fresh coconut water. Refreshing, cooling and just the thing you need after a heavy meal. Really, don't skip on this restaurant if you visit Kota Kinabalu.