Do you usually see the word “healthy” and “dessert” in the same sentence? Yzen does! Yzen, a yoghurt ice cream or “froyo” store redefines dessert! They are bringing you a whole new meaning to desserts with their premium guilt-free froyo! I dare say Yzen’s froyo is one the healthiest and lowest in calorie out there in the market, so what are you waiting for? Go get your froyo fix at your nearest Yzen now!

Their first outlet was established in April 2018. Yzen now has 3 branches, which is in Cyberjaya, Setapak and SS15. The branch we went was located in Setapak and it was a small froyo store located inside Setapak central mall. Their interior was very refreshing! , Electrical sockets were found all over the place! Making Yzen an ideal pitstop for that quick charge of your electronic gadgets, while zoning out with a cup of froyo in hand.

The owner, Mr Raymond, was very friendly and introduced us to 4 types of froyo that Yzen offers: mini (RM5.90), regular (RM13.90), large (RM17.90) and lay•zen (RM16.90). After filling our cups with a variety of toppings, we were impressed by the Asian twists Yzen has applied to their toppings and sauces. The range included  everyone’s favourite brown sugar pearls to white rabbit candy sauce.

lay•zen (RM16.90

Curious about why Yzen’s froyo is purple in colour? This is because Yzen uses purple sweet potatoes to replace the sugar and to give a natural sweetness. With 2.9 billion probiotics in a single gram, a mini cup is sufficient in providing your body a wholesome amount of probiotics and antioxidants for a day! How is that for a healthy dessert pitstop! Think Froyo, think Yzen!

large (RM17.90)
regular (RM13.90)
mini (RM5.90)