Yut Kee Restaurant has come a long way since its establishment in KL, and now it became bigger and better. With its customers pouring in daily, Yut Kee has prepared chairs for customers in their waiting area, and their interior was designed to have the "old kopitiam" feel to maintain the familiarity of their previous shop.

One unique dish of Yut Kee is their Roast Pork Special that cost around RM17.50 for three slices. Their roast pork is not unlike the typical ones you find in other shops, in which theirs comes in rolls, instead of slices. The tender meat is paired with crackling skin, and if you're someone who can't handle the fat layer of roast pork, their Roast Pork Special is just for you. The fat layer aren't like others that melt in your mouth, in fact the fat layer is thinner which makes it less greasy and you'll be able to taste more lean meat. It is served with apple sauce and brown sauce which enhances the taste of the pork.

They are also famous for their Roti Babi which has pork filling in the bread. Their bread is deep-fried and is best paired with Worcestershire sauce. Many also go for their iced coffee and tea that is concentrated and aromatic, and customers often take away their delicious Marble Cake.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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