I may not know the person reading this, but I do know you and I share the same love for bubble tea! Here at Yu The Tea House, which is located at Mahkota Cheras, offers over 70 types of drinks that is perfect for anyone craving for milk teas, fruit teas and even pancakes! Yes, this place also serves their signature Brown Pearl Souffle Pancake which will definitely make you go “fuwa fuwa~”.

Upon entering Yu The Tea House, their pink and girlish interior design will certainly be your cup of tea for taking pictures and chilling. This refreshing place was opened back in December 2018 and it is so well embellished that it’s very “Instagram-able” and is basically an ideal tea house for couples and families to visit.

With an extensive menu consisting of more than just tea, Yu The Tea House also offers desserts like the much raved on - souffle pancakes and also dishes like curry chicken rice. The owner was very generous and had served us their Brown Pearl  Souffle Pancake (RM16.90), Ramen Consomme (RM16.90), Grilled Chicken Chop (RM16.90), Charcoal Latte (RM7.90), Stripes Pearl Fresh Milk (RM11.50) and their bestseller - Exclusive Milk Tea (RM5.90).

Cutting to the chase, the Brown Sugar Souffle Pancake pairs so well with the pearls, brown sugar and cream, it was as though I was biting into a sweet and fluffy cloud. Furthermore, their savoury dishes were equally good as well - the creamy Ramen Consomme and Grilled Chicken Chop are definitely a must try if you’re feeling for something salty instead of sweet. Lastly, this place is a total go to for dessert and milk tea lovers to quench their thirst with teas that are brewed to perfection along with sweet and chewy pearls.

Brown Pearl Souffle Pancake (RM16.90)
Ramen Consomme (RM16.90)
Grilled Chicken Chop (RM16.90)
(From left to right) Exclusive Milk Tea (RM5.90), Stripes Pearl Fresh Milk(RM11.50), Charcoal Latte (RM7.90)