Heavily inspired by the Wizards of Oz, Wizards at Tribeca is here to replenish your mana for the day! Instead of dropping a house on you, their chefs and award-winning baristas are here to drop some specialty coffee and amazing Australian – Asian fusion dishes on fellow patrons. Overall, Wizards is a perfect city center dining spot where you can feel the hustle but relaxing vibes.

Just like the Wizard of Oz, a group of five partnered up and opened a branch of restaurants which are The Red Beanbag, Yellow Brick Road and Wizards. Their restaurant is well embellished, spacious and brightly lit by natural lighting, Wizards has been welcomed warmly by office workers and families since their opening in January 2018.

Cutting to the chase, we were introduced to their Hotcakes (RM20), Taro Mish Mash (RM28), The Linguist (RM30) and Golden Molten Lava (RM28). For their drinks, they have served us their Flat White (RM12) and if you’re not a coffee person their Matcha Latte (RM13) is perfect for you along with their soon-to-be-launch Berry Sensation which was fruity and refreshing.

There was literally no time for chit-chat when hot fluffy pancakes decorated with fruits and tub of maple syrup were placed infront of us, Wizards’ Hotcakes are the most classic Japanese-styled pancakes you’ll ever have. Moving on, their signature Taro Mish Mash is not your typical toast as they have a velvety yam mash in the middle and layered with avocado pesto, tomato salsa, feta cheese and poached eggs. Furthermore if you’re a pasta person, The Linguist is the right dish for you with their sautéed prawns and clams sprawled over chili linguine. There’s always room for desserts, so do go for their sweet and salty Golden Molten Lava which is a laoshabao-inspired chocolate molten lava cake, upon slicing it salted egg yolk and chocolate will ooze out and don’t forget to pair it with their vanilla ice cream and salted egg crumbs! 

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Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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