The Moment

Life is all about capturing the moment and I dare say, one of the best moments in life is when you are free from stress, sipping on some delicious boba tea and surrounded by great friends. Lucky for you, this boba tea shop, which is located in Puchong - called The Moment is exactly the perfect place for that!

Established in January 2019, The Moment was inspired by bubble tea shops from Taiwan. The owners of The Moment created this bubble tea café to completely invigorate you with their pinkish and girlish theme. Furthermore, they also provide patrons with board games and playing cards, making this place a fantastic  place to chill and have some tea with friends.

The Moment intends to bring bubble tea lovers a healthier and low-calorie option of milk tea, so, instead of creamer, they use fresh milk in their teas. The owner was very friendly and introduced us to 3 of their signature ombre milk teas – The Moment (RM11.90), Love Ombre (RM10.90) and Matcha Fresh Milk (RM11.90).

Let’s get down to the tea, shall we? Firstly, their signature - The Moment was a mixture of charcoal with fresh milk to create a pretty ombre in a cup. Secondly, Love Ombre is a winter melon milk tea, which is one of our personal favourite. Meanwhile, Matcha Fresh Milk, being the other  signature drink of theirs is best paired with their red bean topping. Snacks will be soon added into their menu. Please do drop by The Moment to fix your tea cravings.

The Moment (RM11.90)
Matcha Fresh Milk (RM11.90)
Love Ombre (RM10.90)