'Tetangga Kita' is known as ‘our neighbor’ in Bahasa Malaysia. The owner is purely Indonesian and he has always wanted to start his own career and bring the food culture with him to Malaysia but he didn't have the opportunity to do so until he met his sister's best friend. Both of them have the same idea and was planning to start their career, which is by bringing their No.1 street food-Martabak to Malaysia! Their first intention is to connect the food court culture between Indonesia and Malaysia, as they are both Indonesian and Malaysian respectively. So both of them entered the Malaysian market with their dream. They import all of their ingredients from Indonesia just to try to keep it as close as possible with the origin of Martabak.

Martabak is classified into Martabak Manis and Martabak Telur. The most common flavor that can be found in Indonesia is chocolate and cheese filling. Unlike the original Martabak store, Tetangga Kita blends both Indonesia and Malaysia's food culture into their Martabak.

Their pastry skin is freshly prepared.

Their Dendeng Martabak.The dendeng paste is made with beef,slow-cooked soya sauce, onion, and spices.

Shredding a lot of cheese on their crispy Nutella Martabak. 

Chocolaty filling with crispy skin‘s Ovalmaltine Tipis will be your best dessert choice!