Roti Bakar Telur Goyang Hashumi Tareemi Meletop

Usually opening in the beginning hours of everyone's work day, Roti Bakar Telur Goyang Hashumi Tareemi Meletop stall takes place near George Town's glorious Bandaraya Stadium of Penang Island. And unlike any other Malay-owned stall peddling local treats and delights like laksas and nasi lemak, it prides itself for having an A-rating in cleanliness. Thus making it the cleanest stall in all of Pulau Pinang which you can see for your yourself.

Now, at first glance, a plastic plate of toast may not look any more underwhelming for such a simple breakfast item. And that's exactly the point Hashumi Tereemi, the owner, is getting across, as their stall is solely opened for the breakfast crowd who cannot spare over RM10 for a small plate of nasi lemak. And with such a simple dish that is very easy to master, there is absolutely no way for the staff members of this tiny stall to mess up anything.

Being a very small menu consisting of no more than six items, Roti Bakar Telur Goyang Hashumi Tareemi Meletop not the most diverse menu anyone has seen, but it still has everything people need to eat to kickstart their day with energy and nothing they would not want. In traditional roti bakar fashion, it's two pieces of bread and grilled on a hot plate butter-side-down and topped off with several breakfast items like scrambled eggs, baked beans, jam, and even an half-boiled egg.

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