Root Cellar KL has been gaining reputation among Malaysian gastronomes for its rare dining concept called “Gorilla Dining Pop Ups”. Basira Yeusuff, the head chef of this F&B business, whom formerly venture into two other business ‘Yay, Cake!’ and ‘Yay, Sammich!’, now sets out with her new undertaking; Root Cellar KL. Apparently this is a family run business with Basira as the chef, along with her brothers Izzat and Abbas as the operation managers. Basira has gained many experiences on culinary arts while working across the world – Germany, Singapore, and Switzerland. Maybe that’s the reason why she can come out with astonishing dishes.


When she first came back to her homeland, she started an online cake business called “Yay Cake!”, later a café called “Crumbs” and lastly “Yay Sammich”. The main idea of starting Root Cellar KL is to reorganising all the little businesses into one single organisation. Even though they do mostly caterings or do supplies for cafés, they are also very popular in pop-ups store. So, regularly check their Facebook page to know where and when they will make an ‘appearance’. They are one of the cake shops that makes wonderful bundt cakes in various lip-smacking flavours. One of the recommended bundt cake is the Earl Grey Milk Tea. It is drenched in milk tea and covered in a lavish cream cheese and tea leaves frosting. Yummy!


Another popular choice would be the Limau Nipis bundt cake. It is a fresh-flavoured lime cake that is smacked with amazing lime cream cheese frosting. For a Malaysian twist of regular coffee cake, you can go for the Kopi Kampung Latte bundt cake. For light eater, you can get the butter baby bundt cakes in a much smaller size. However, they are not just famous for their bundt cakes. You can also have their other recommended desserts – salted caramel brownie and pecan pie.

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