What is Penang without its famous assam laksa? Next to a disaster considering that Penang is always equate with its famous laksa that folks cannot seem to get enough of. But once travellers are in Penang they will definitely be baffled on which place sells the best laksa in town and Pasar Itam Laksa is claimed to be the best among the best of which whoever is in the vicinity should not miss on it even if it is a single bowl.  Located in Air Itam, a small town in Penang that is home to the famous Penang Hill and for decades the name has been synonymously to be a place to house some of the delicious assam laksa around.

Penang Air Itam Laksa is a matter of fact, an old hawker stall that has been around since 1955 established by Lee Lay Hua. For generations it has stood against the test of time from different people manning the stall at each period to customers that have practically grew up alongside the business itself. But the one thing that remains throughout its journey is the consistency of its assam laksa since day 1. Authentically delicious packed in a single bowl with thick rice noodles that is awash inside a thick soup paste that obvious of some sweet prawn and shredded mackerel fish taste. The people manning sure are generous on their condiments and ingredients such as cucumber, pineapple, ginger, onions and many more especially those ingredients are what make the dish a tad hearty one. Getting a seat there might be a little hassle with crowds that does not seem to tone down especially on weekend afternoon however whatever cost and sweats in getting space is rest assured to be worth it. 

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