OMFJ is a juice business that runs on a truck, literally. Food trucks are a growing business in Malaysia. Unless you are a follower or travels around the area, the only time you are going to see a food truck is during festivals. Carrying an acronym to mean Oh My Fruit Juice, unlike most food trucks that serve food, they decide to take the road less travelled and serves only beverages.

OMFJ specialises in healthy and delicious fruit, and a few other ingredients, juices. One could either choose from the options available like the Double A’s or the more exotic, Signature Durian. If neither of the ready selection interests you, OMFJ offer an option to choose three fruits of your preference to be made into juice of ice-blended.

Double A’s is a sour-ish mix of green apples, kedondong fruit, and sour plum while the Tofu Crush is an exciting mix of tofu, peaches and strawberries that resulted in a creamy ice blend goodness. Then there’s the sweet Minty Violet of dragon fruit, peaches, mint leaves and honey, and Twinky Twins of refreshing taste with their concoction of oranges, peaches and mint leaves.

OMFJ has also launched a menu of Cold Pressed juices, ready packed in sealed bottles. Comes in a variety of flavour; The Cooler, The Green House, The Quench, The Ruby, The Tropical, The Beet Star, The Black, The Outbreak, and The Starter,  each bottle promises a distinct taste like no other. 
The Black may seem out of the ordinary but only because it is a mix of green apple, coconut water, activated charcoal and the Himalaya sea salt.

While the truck mostly operates in the Damansara Heights area, they also have a static branch at Da:men USJ, if you’re not into hunting down a bright pink truck. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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