We know you will not get tired of alcohol, but do you ever get tired of that same old bar? Fear not, because The Olympian Sports Bar located in Puchong is here to bring you the same buzz but with a whole new experience. Come indulge in their extremely creative cocktails and finger-licking dishes.

Since their opening on March 2018, The Olympian Sports Bar is well-known among Puchong peeps for being an extremely creative and laid-back bar. The interior is dimly lit and consist of a spacious area where patrons can chill, a game room that has pool tables and table football, a stage where live bands perform daily and dart machines.

The owner was very generous as they served us their Deep-Fried Calamari (RM24), Thai Pork Satay (RM16), Salmon (RM34) and Sakura Pork Loin (RM36). Additionally, their cocktails - Empress Ruby (RM22), Jungle Bird (RM32), Jack Frost (RM28) and Macha Tea (RM30)- were all so unique, especially Jack Frost, which is a slushy cocktail. As the name entails, it surely lives up to its name! Their Macha Tea was indeed very refreshing, considering the fact that it was  served in a traditional Japanese teapot set.

Empress Ruby (RM22)
Jack Frost (RM28)
Jungle Bird (RM32)
Last but not least, their side dishes, namely theDeep-Fried Calamari and Thai Pork Satay were so so good and opened up our appetite for their main course, which was Salmon and Sakura Pork Loin. The Salmon was perfectly grilled and well-seasoned! Served with a healthy portion of broccoli and juicy cherry tomatoes, with potatoes on the side. Their Sakura Pork Loin, on the other hand was a sweet and savoury dish that had us licking our fingers with joy.
Deep-Fried Calamari (RM24))
Thai Pork Satay (RM16)
Salmon (RM34)
Sakura Pork Loin (RM36