This place offers authentic tasting Ipoh claypot chicken rice and noodles for the residents of Skudai, Johor so that they don’t have to travel down North for hours just to sample these delicious dishes. A slightly long wait is needed as the claypot dishes are made from scratch but the comfortable interior with simple furniture makes it bearable.

Their Claypot Chicken Rice is a must-try. The aromatic rice is flavoured by black soy sauce in just the right amounts accompanied by thin slices of waxed pork sausages (lup cheong) and marinated chicken chunks. A generous amount of spring onion is sprinkled on top. Mix all the ingredients in the pot with a spoon, including the slightly charred rice at the bottom. This results in a meal with a part soft, part crunchy texture. Every mouthful is a delight to the taste buds. Add in the soy sauce with chilli for spicy twist. Do also sample their Claypot Noodles (lou shu fun), bathed in ample amount of starchy gravy.

Pair your rice or noodle with a plate of good ol’ stir fried Chinese cabbage. Topped with fried shallots, it is full of the fragrance of sesame oil. Crisp and light, it is the perfect companion to a heavy claypot meal. Do wash down your food with their specially brewed chicken wine or bitter gourd soup, a bowlful of nutritious goodness. Last but not least, their Chicken Feet Dish is also delectable, a perfect companion to your meal.