Up on the very corner of Jalan Idamam 3, is the poshest-looking banana leaf rice restaurant that easily beats out all other banana leaf rice restaurants in terms of looks. A great open-air exterior with faux wood furnishings and a impressive-looking interior with wooden tables and chairs with decorative brass inserts neatly arranged to accommodate even a large group for a filling meal of rice and dishes on a banana leaf.

Through the heater unit that stores all the dishes and sides like vegetable and meat dishes, followed alongside with vegetarian options and several spicy heatstroke-inducing curries, and an option between regular white rice or long, briyani rice, you'll quickly come to notice that despite still being all served atop a single banana leaf, the norm for all banana leaf rice, it still uses a plate to hold it from underneath and is used more as a decorative piece instead.

However, this feature has a more practical element to it by preventing further contamination of your food from underneath a millimeter's layer of the banana leaf. If authenticity is what you're serious about, don't worry, this feature only takes away very little from tradition.

And now, the food! If you're willing to look past the plastic plate holding the decorative banana leaf, the food surpasses far beyond the realm of Indian cuisine. The rice is cooked to perfection without being too under and overcooked, the various curries are distinctive in their own category of aromas and fragrances, and level of spiciness, and many more dishes such as fried items ranging from chicken to seafood marinaded, battered, and deep-fried till crispy perfection.

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