Mollagaa is an Indian restaurant specializes in South Indian cuisine. Located in the bustling city of KL, this restaurant is easy to spot. So why not dine in to some flavourful dishes after touring the capital city of Malaysia?

The first dish that we tried is their banana leaf rice. As we all know, banana leaf has been part of Indian culture for ages and nothing is complete without banana leaf. Thalai Vazhal Ilai Sappadu is a complete meal, vegan friendly and of course served on top of banana leaf.

Next, we have Handra Chicken Curry. Full of spices with a very thick gravy, this chicken curry is great with plain rice and briyani.

Another two chicken dishes are Kozhi Ghee Roast and Honey Chili Chicken. Both are equally scrumptious but if we had to choose between the two dishes, Honey Chili Chicken is something that we would recommend for you to try. Don't feel like eating chicken? Try out their Pomfret Pollychathu instead.

If you’re looking for briyani, opted to try their Chicken or Mutton briyani. Bursting with aroma, nothing beats a delicious warm and well-cooked briyani.

Last but not least, finish it off with some signature drinks such as Jigarthanda or Royal Kulfi Falooda. Jigarthanda is great for coffee lovers as it contains their own homemade coffee ice cream and soft almonds which helps to cool off the body.