When it comes to the best dim sum in Ipoh, there’s one street (Jalan Leong Sin Nam) that has a number of restaurants dedicated to selling these little pockets of goodness for breakfast. One of the standout restaurants in this street has to be Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum. This restaurant has been pulling massive crowds during the breakfast and brunch hours on a daily basis, to the point that customers have no choice but to wait for a long time, only to find themselves sharing tables with other unfamiliar customers.

One of the unique things to note about Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum is that their dim sum is served in metal trays, which is a welcome change from the typical wooden trays commonly used in most of the other dim sum restaurants out there. The other interesting to note is that the dim sum portions at Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum is that the sizes of the dim sum themselves are slightly smaller than that of most dim sum outlets. This was intentionally done to allow customers to have the ability to enjoy much more varieties of dim sum before they eventually fill up. Some of the dim sum varieties customers can expect to find here include Siew Mai, Sek Lau Mai, steamed pork ribs, chee cheong fun, char siew pao, and much more.

Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum isn’t just limited to dim sum. The restaurant also serves a great number of dessert items such as egg tarts, tong sui, and a few others. So waste n more time and come to Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum to get your dim sum fix.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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